Sole Proprietorship Explained

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A sole proprietorship is a common business type that many business owners use when starting a company. Starting a sole proprietorship is a very simple process and should take only a few short steps to get off the ground. Since you will be personally liable for obligations of the business, you should consider whether the business will be exposed to any potential lawsuits. For example, the business can be exposed to liability for customers injured on the premises or from products sold by the business. If the possibility of lawsuits exist, you can limit your exposure by purchasing business insurance .

Pork and poultry meat products have been the basis of the success of some sole traders. These are business people who have established butcher shops in different places. As a country that likes pork and poultry, sole traders in this niche are quite successful. In other cases, sole traders in grocery are business people who buy groceries from farmers and sell to the final consumers on a retail basis. Establishing a Cellphone loading business in the Philippines attracts many sole traders who have little capital demanded in other ventures. Even though its only limited capital demanded this venture, it is relatively profitable.

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What Is A Disregarded Entity? – Forbes Advisor.

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You must file the doing-business-as application with the state, often through the secretary of state’s office, though the specific agency can vary from state to state. A DBA application can cost between $5 and $100 depending on the state. Sole proprietorships are the simplest form of business structure and are easy and cheap to start due to few government rules. There are a few significant disadvantages to consider as a sole proprietor. Before choosing the best business structure for your business, consider these potential drawbacks. In the digital age of business, you can scale up your business and reach more customers both online and offline.

What forms does a small business need to have for its employees?

Therefore, a partner can represent the other partners and bind them to a contract if he or she is acting within the apparent scope of the business. Partnership is relative difficulty in obtaining large sums of capital. This is particularly true of long term financing when compared to a corporation. However, by using individual partners’ assets, opportunities are probably greater than in a proprietorship. The sole proprietorship it is easy to set up and may only require registration of the business name and is free to run the business as he or she thinks best and is not answerable to a boss. As for the name of the business, the name of the owner or any other name may be used.

  • Furthermore, consider that the respective sole proprietorship can be found today in over 4,000 merchants and has a production plant in Bedford, Pennsylvania.
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  • If you’ve never heard of them, then learn more about sole proprietorships.
  • The sole proprietor reports her taxable income on her personal income tax returns .
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  • Understanding common businesses operated by sole proprietors can help you decide if it is the right structure for you.

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Sole Proprietorship Taxes Are Easier To Prepare

Some examples are unique in the Philippines, and others are prevalent worldwide. Some sole proprietorships in the Philippines emanate from people’s literacy, while others were pioneered by culture passed through generations. Beside that, a partnership may be relatively more flexible in the decision making process than in a corporation. That is because sole proprietorship management is able to respond quickly to business needs in the form of day to day management decisions as governed by various laws and good sense. A business that is carried on by a sole proprietorship is owned by one person, who also usually runs and manages the business. There may or may not be people working in the business these are referred to as employees of the business and the owner is the employer.

At ADP, we say that we’re Always Designing for People, starting with our own. Manage labor costs and compliance with easy time & attendance tools. For advanced capabilities, workforce management adds optimized scheduling, labor forecasting/budgeting, attendance policy, leave case management and more. Now tell us about and LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps separately for easy understanding. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of being a sole proprietor. Be sure to specialize rather than offering all marketing services.

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What is a Sole Proprietorship & How to Start One.

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If you’re new to being an entrepreneur — for example, you’re a freelancer just starting to find clients — a sole proprietorship is an easy and cost-effective option. On the other hand, a fast-growing business that needs funding would be better suited to forming either as a corporation or a limited liability company . The main disadvantages of partnership are partnership is characterized by unlimited liability.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships

However, if you choose to file your own business name, very little paperwork is required. Tutoring businesses provide learning assistance to students in a variety of subjects. Tutors may work with students in person or through online video chats. Many tutors have teaching experience or extensive knowledge in the subject they are teaching.

While proprietorships are run by one owner, S Corps are run by a board of directors. A sole proprietorship, on the other hand, does not require any set payroll system or any other financial business structure. Many sole proprietorships simply set up a separate account at their banking institution for their business funds and record all applicable business expenses in the management of that account. For example, a sole proprietorship provides no liability protection to the owner. By contrast, an LLC has protection against creditors seizing the owner’s personal assets, such as their home. There are no formal legal steps required to register a sole proprietorship business.

The federal government only requires estimated taxes be paid if the business owner expects to owe more than $1,000 in taxes annually. Keep in mind that it’s very common for businesses to have losses in their early years, as they tend to have many start-up costs and may not be generating enough income to offset those expenses. Because there’s only one owner—you—you can keep all income generated by the business.

Self-employment Tax

Personal trainers typically work out of their homes or in the homes of their clients. Gyms aren’t likely to accept the liability of letting you train people in their building unless you are an employee, so that their insurance will cover any mistakes. Sole proprietorships are considered the easiest business entities to form and manage. The following are examples of ways they are simpler than other entities.

register your business

There are no requirements for annual owner meetings or filings with states, and in general, there is less administrative work, he said. When registering your sole proprietorship within your state, you may have to file a doing-business-as application and register for an employer identification number. You’ll need a savings account as a sole proprietor to ensure you’re not spending money you will need for taxes. Open a savings account and set money aside each time you get a check.

Be a Financial Planner

Therefore, you can’t pay yourself a salary and receive a tax deduction for a salary. Your pay is dependent on the fees you collect for the products or services you provide to your customers. To change the name of the sole proprietorship to a brand name, you must file adoing-business-as application, which gives you the option of using a different name.


Businesses of all sizes will need a lawyer at some point, whether that is to register their business or to deal with a client that isn’t paying. The best online legal services are affordable and able to quickly solve your legal issues. You can read our guide to the best online legal services to learn more.

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  • Additionally, your company and you are treated the same in the case of the sole proprietorship.
  • For this to work, the owner must first determine that the name of the company is available.
  • Aashish has worked with over 20 startups and successfully helped them ideate, raise money, and succeed.
  • The owner is not required to formally register their business with their state as corporations or LLCs do.
  • The company is yours, and every decision starts and ends with you.

Remember, because you’re self-employed, your paychecks don’t have proper withholdings taken out at the time you’re paid. You’ll then cover the difference or receive a refund for any shortage or overage come tax season. It’s also wise to build a good credit history before starting your business.

Even if accounting equation a sole proprietor, there’s no need to do everything on your own. A great small business banking product can provide you with the tools and financing you need to support your trade. The field of graphic design is another area that works well as a sole proprietorship. A graphic designer takes on photo or image work from a number of different clients, billing each separately.

Freelance writers contribute a variety of written content to magazines, websites and other businesses. By nature, freelance writers typically work as independent contractors, so their businesses are a perfect fit for sole proprietorship. Like sole proprietors, S corporation owners are also eligible for the 20% pass-through tax deduction established under theTax Cuts and Jobs Act for pass-through business entity owners.

As a sole proprietor with an event planning business, you would handle all facets of the event planning process. That includes finding a venue, caterer, decorator, DJ, and event furniture supplier. You would help individuals fill out highly complicated forms — such as immigration applications, visa applications, and unemployment claims. Sole proprietorships have fairly simple and straightforward tax requirements compared to other business entities.