Antonio Antunes Ferreira 12,5 years employment

Last Friday, our colleague Antonio Antunes Ferreira celebrated his 12,5 years of employment at our company. During our annual summer holiday barbecue we took a moment to thank Antonio for his commitment all these years! On behalf of all your colleagues congratulations Antonio!

Pensioen Noud van de Sande!

Pensioen Noud van de Sande! Na bijna 46 jaar werkzaam te zijn geweest binnen de oorspronkelijke Smulders-Groep, waarvan de laatste 8 jaar bij SMA B.V. gaat onze collega Noud van de Sande per 1 juli aanstaande met pensioen! Uiteraard hebben wij dit niet ongemerkt voorbij laten gaan! Afgelopen donderd

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More work space

As our busines grew, we knew it was bound to happen. In fact, we pretty much called it a few years ago. It was only a matter of time before we ran out of space. Now we are integrating an additional 3300 sqm of factory space. We are working at a building we purchased next to our existing plant and we

In-house exhibition at TIM Tools in motion GmbH!

Today Thiel Systems is for the second day present at the in-house exhibition at the company TIM tools in motion GmbH. We congratulate the people at TIM for the great job done organizing this fair at their office in Meinerzhagen in Germany.

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Well deserved retirement!

Our collegue Slavko Rakic is going to enjoy his well deserved retirement. To celebrate this, Slavko and his family were picked up at home in style by a nice limousine last Friday! Arriving at the company he was awaited by his colleagues, after which the party could start, while enjoying a snack and

Diploma VCA!

Well done! Our colleagues have successfully participated in the training Safety for Operation Supervisors VCA! Fred, Peter, Antoin, Jan, Anton, Wilco, Winfried, Stefan, Rick, Antonio, Jan* en Rik* congratulations on getting the diploma! (*are missing on the photo)

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